The Naturify stamp of approval guarantees this product has been made using Naturify in place of oil, sugars or fat. 100% natural with only a trace of calories means that all the family can enjoy guilt free, good for you snacks and nibbles.

What is it

Naturify is a 100% natural food adhesive which replaces the oil normally used to attach flavours to snack products.

Its use negates the need for spraying oil and fat, creating a much healthier, clean and better for you snack, allowing for guilt free nibbling!

We took the very best Mother Nature had to offer, combined it with a mix of healthy and delicious natural goodies and... Hey presto!

What are the benefits

It has the benefit of being oil and fat free, odourless and tasteless with no nasties and very few calories.

Supermarkets, schools, the Government, health experts and worried parents are crying out for nutritious snacks and nibbles, free of added nasties, unnecessary oil, fat and calories, that can satisfy families hunger whist still being utterly delicious.

Give your family the best yummy scrummy goodness,
with none of the guilt.